• Q. I’m already a Be active customer, do I need to renew my existing card?
  • A. No
  • Q. I’ve looked at the timetable to use the gym at my local leisure centre. Why is it no longer available at the time I used to visit?
  • A. Take a look at your next nearest leisure centre to see if you attend a gym session at a more convenient time. Or, why not try out one of the new activities on offer such as badminton.
  • Q. I would like to do more outside activities but cannot see many?
  • A. Birmingham Active Parks  provide a range of physical activity opportunities in parks and open spaces. Take a look at our timetables or visit https://www.parklives.com/
  • Q. Can my child still swim in Be active times
  • A. Yes, children aged 15 years and under can swim free of charge during any general swimming session.  All Children will need a Leisure Card
  • Q. Can I still use any leisure centre?
  • A. Yes, you will also notice on the timetables we now have even more centres providing Be active activities
  • Q. I would like to join the scheme is this still possible?
  • A. Yes, just pop into your nearest Wellbeing Centre or Council run leisure Centre with 2 proofs of address and speak to a member of staff
  • Q. My friend is eligible for the scheme and I am not as my postcode is not on the list. Why?
  • A. Some ‘B’ postcodes are outside the Birmingham City boundary, therefore not eligible to join Be active
  • Q. The Be active gym session at my local leisure centre finishes at 5.00pm. What is the latest I can come into the gym?
  • A. You will be able to come into the gym up to 5.00pm. However, after the Be active time has finished you will be asked to vacate.
  • Q. Why has the scheme changed?
  • A. From the 1st September 2014 there were some changes to the Be active programme in your local leisure centre. These alterations were required to enable us to extend the programme into our parks, open spaces and to establish a wellbeing programme within our wellbeing sites.Active Parks is one of the key changes to how physical activity will be provided in Birmingham as part of a wider vision for sport and physical activity across the city. As a result , facilities in the future will be run by a  mix of provides including community groups, leisure management contractors and the city council focusing on wellbeing.The new wellbeing service is made up of the leisure sites that are in the most deprived parts of the city. The sites are all in areas of poor health outcomes, servicing communities living in some of the highest deprivation in the country.

    The wellbeing service will build upon the award winning Be active programme. As well as physical activity and lifestyles services, there will be a strong focus on ensuring the people are connected with their local spaces, have a sense of community and a focus on good mental health and wellbeing through services such as debt advice, adult learning, advice and support.

    These changes to Be active have enabled more people to access our service and help tackle the health inequalities across Birmingham.